Microsoft XML Parser und SDK

Microsoft XML Parser und SDK 3.0

XML Parser and SDK includes header and .lib files, and documentation
3.0  (3 votes)
8.70.1104 (See all)

The SDK includes documentation for server-safe HTTP access, XSLT/XPath, and Simple API for XML.
Improvements over the MSXML SDK including language filtering; improved code samples in Microsoft JScript®, Microsoft Visual Basic®, and C++

System Requirements
* Supported Operating Systems:Windows 2000;Windows 95;Windows 98;Windows ME;Windows NT
* To install the MSXML SDK, you must have the Microsoft Windows® Installer on your computer.
o If you are running Windows NT® 4.0, Windows 98, or Windows 95, you must first update your Windows Installer to version 1.1.
o If you are running Windows 2000, you already have this and there is no need to reinstall.

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